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Flight Simulator: New update plan

from Thilo Bayer
Flight Simulator developers need to re-adjust the schedule for upcoming updates following the latest community feedback. Unexpected problems triggered by World Update 3 need to be fixed with an hotfix. This affects Sim Update 3 and World Update 4.

On February 16, Microsoft and Asobo Studios released World Update 3 for Flight Simulator. Since the English DLC was originally released on 02/11. should appear and therefore be delayed, then we were already suspicious whether the current folder could still be adhered to for further content. Now Microsoft is announcing unexpected problems resulting from the global update.

Flight Sim: Updates will come later

In a new blog for developers, those responsible confirm that they have received negative feedback from the community about the valve problem presented to World Update 3. They want to solve the problem “as soon as possible” with an emergency fix that should appear next week. However, solving this problem is not an easy task and therefore requires more thorough testing than usual. This in turn affects the development plan, which must be adjusted. It is already clear that both Sim Update 3 and World Update 4 will come (at least) a week later.

The new date for Sim Update 3 is now March 11, a global update would arrive in early April. It can be assumed that Sim Update 4 is also affected by recent delays. According to the plan, it should actually be April 27th. come. Since the roadmap currently only runs until the end of April, there is currently no new date for the next but one game update. In fact, Microsoft wanted to expand the outlook for May after today’s plan, but that hasn’t happened yet. Twitch has a date for the next live event. On March 10, at 6:30 pm, we want to know about the further development of the flight simulator speak.

Sim update 3 Sim update 4 World Update 4
The term alt 03/04/2021 04/27/2021 30.03.
New date 03/11/2021 At the earliest in May in early April

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