Thursday , January 28 2021

Football: Drawing Again: Storm is trying hard on judges

Graz (APA) – Red card, bumper and rush: SK Sturm on Saturday at 0: 0 on SKN St. He was presented as an emotional powder by Pölten. While the coach and sports director had already gone through the nerves during the heated game, the players showed a fighting good performance, despite being inferior. They were also insensitive in their criticisms.

First, look in the near future: The fact that Roman Mählich will be presented on Monday in Graz as helicopter successor Heiko Vogel is considered agreed. Sports director Günter Kreissl again wanted to confirm, but did not deny the obligation of former Sturm player on Saturday. "We work professionally on Monday at a press conference, but I am happy that the new wind will come from the next week."

A bird's soul will not be able to complain about the lack of emotions in the club. In the seventh season of the best after the 14th round, the archers flew past Dario Maresić, who in the 27th minute after overclocking saw the red card, Kreissl and coach of coach Günther Neukirchner for rival criticism from the square.

After defending player Lukas Spendlhofer. "Dario is not allowed, it should be red. However, it's hard for a 19-year-old to pull together when the gentleman whistles away from such a performance." He did not experience such a success by judges as Spendlhofer. "I think it's a shame on him, as he puts it in, and in a few situations, he's still very clever. Emotions are then overwhelming."

Neukirchner also did not spare the criticism of the judge. "I'd expect more from a judge of more intuition." He had a controversial whistle that, after a violation of Peter Zulja, had the advantage, loud and admitted gestures – and they had to take 52 minutes in the stands.

"The action was not right with me, but I was the one who always calmed down." Commenting to the rival: "Do you really believe that Zul would have scored a goal in this situation?" Excited me, "Neukirchner said later, "I have a good look at the booths, after all, But if you're away, your voice suffers more."

Kreissl already emotionally floated in the first half. Sad, after the Maresic scene, the sports director has collapsed from his traditional press trivia court to give his opinion to the court squad. "Sometimes it is a feeling of a team, everyone wants with each fiber," he tried later to explain Kreissl.

"The scene that made me angry was a missed penalty, which was very clear to me. That was very difficult, and everything that followed did not really ease the nerves," Kreissl said, referring to the offense Otar Kiteishvili. At least in terms of punishment, he experienced a compensation offense in the second half: even eleven attacks at Sturm's sixteen were left unpunished (66).

It seemed that the excitement was transmitted in the stages of field events. Captain Storm Stefan Hierländer saw a "very busy, twisted game" in which the team itself had to carry his nose. "For example, we have not reached the standard goal for a long time, and we have to criticize it." The appendix: "Last year, everything fell slightly in our hands. We are not currently in the box, but between the rope."

Sturm had more persuasive chances. Kreissl: "Really hard, we have to overcome this moment for victory. It's extremely bitter not to be rewarded, but we have to be self-critical too." Spendlhofer immediately replied, "It does not help talk about happiness and bad luck and good Riegler. we must give it one. "

St. Pölten approached the great finish goal in the first six. Coach Ranko Popović was satisfied, but he was convinced that the only exclusion was no advantage. "The Red Card for Sturm was like a burden for us, and we are not ready to use the supreme numbers." The Austrians were offensive. "We were too shy forward, but I also wanted to protect the result and not take too much risk," said the former defender of the storm.

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