Thursday , May 6 2021

Grazer FPÖ boss has distanced himself from the identity of

After several days of discussion about possible links between the FPÖ and the Austrian Identity Movement (IBÖ), a plunder has now been drawn up: Compared to the "Kronen Zeitung", Deputy Mayor Graz Mario Eustacchio announced that a lease between Heinrich Sickla and IB's Chamber of Deputies as soon as possible "will be resolved. It also went a long way.

In a twofold conversation, Defense Minister Mario Kunasek clearly said, "If anyone even shows solidarity with their identities, they have no place in the FP – it's behavior that damages the parties and results in exclusion." It is about "party hygiene," Kunasek said. Eustacchio came back after controversial statements last week: "I said I could sign three positions of identity: their traditional family image of" father-mother-child, "and their attitude towards Islamization and Immigration, but I did not say to sign everything, what identities do and what I think. "

Eustacchio sees "crossed red line"

The present sticker of the swastika to the synagogue has clearly crossed the "red line", said the deputy mayor of GVP from Siegfried Nagl. "Liberalism is not a way of actionism: we do not have financial, structural and personal ties to identities, and we definitely remove the ground from any occurrence of alleged overturning," Eustacchio added.

Statements of the past few days, he would no longer formulate in the way: "Today I'm smarter." He did not want to touch anyone who was "radical, often even criminal and anti-Semitic." Eustacchio called on Sickla to immediately rescind the lease: "We do not want that closeness and therefore this relationship is dissipated as soon as possible." Identities are evolving. "

The sounds are pretty surprising. At the end of last week, Eustacchio said he saw no reason to distance himself from identity. "I do, if there are criminally relevant facts – then I'll do it," Eustaco said on Friday evening at the ORF. And: "Freedom of opinion is valid for everyone – from left to right". This is "very good in our society," the deputy mayor said. "I think it's important to protect it."

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