Thursday , September 19 2019
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Huawei reveals: this is how you want to depend on Android

Huawei has announced that its new, proprietary operating system should be up to 60 percent faster than it would be with the same Android OS device. Many observers consider this number as utopian. However, information about the new Huawei innovation has emerged that could explain the advantages of operating system speeds that are likely to be distributed under the "Ark OS" or "Huawei Ark OS": so-called "ark compilers".

Short for understanding: The compiler is responsible for translating the development code, which is usually written in the Java and Kotlin programming languages ​​on the Android platform, in instructions that the computer can execute. Under Android, a so-called byte code is created, which in the second step re-processes the so-called. An interpreter before starting on a smartphone.

Huawei's Ark company composer should make this middle step redundant. To run an app there is no longer an interpreter, which should result in a better performance. This would ultimately have greater efficiency and faster deployment, users are so much more accustomed to Apple's iOS, the result.

Here is a detailed description of the Huawei method.

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