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Hülkenberg "could be comfortable in Q3"

( – Renault team misses Q3 with both cars in qualifying for Grand Prix Austria. Nico Hülkenberg finished in the twelfth place, but due to his engine change in five places. The Germans believe he could have even "comfortably" in the top 10 races. Of these Daniel Ricciardo is not convinced of rank 14, he identifies the underlying problem at R.S.19.

Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hulkenberg believes Q3 could be on Saturday zoom

"I was happy with the car in qualifying, considering our first round trouble yesterday, we explored all options and tried everything to make the car faster and better," he said after qualifying.

Hulkenberg even reports that he has never experienced such a race weekend like this in Spielberg, where he has been so much upgraded to the car. "We always reacted immediately," he says. "We really fought, mechanics were really jerking like wild and we scanned completely from top to bottom, from left to right."

Hülkenberg: "Q3 would be possible"

This helped somehow in slow corners, but the changes had a negative effect on the faster passing – or vice versa. "We're not all under control," he admits. In qualifications, his team at least tried to "sum up" the best package.

Problems can not be completely solved, but at least bypass. "We missed a place in Q3 that would be possible," Hülkenberg convinced. In the end, only 0.051 seconds were lost in tenth place in Q2.

With time of 1: 04,516 minutes, the German ended in the twelfth place. However, since the new B-spec from Renault is installed, it is back in five rows. In addition, part of his left-wing rafts fled in the first quarter.

Nico Hulkenberg

Hulkenberg was three tenths faster than Ricciarda on Saturday zoom

"It was part of the barkeboard on the left, which was interrupted," he says. "Unfortunately, it cost us a lot of strength." Asked how much it cost him, he remains indeterminate: "It's hard to say, but it has a little force."

Damage that Renault could not repair during qualifying. Hülkenberg notes that the Red Bull Ring generally forgets a few mistakes and a lot of car demands. "I have not seriously drawn the ideal line anywhere," he assures him.

But, "When you ride on the fringes, they often cause vibrations that can break carbon, I do not know how it happened, it was definitely not like Friday, when I got off the road and damaged the car." On Friday he broke half the front when he turned aggressively to the last corner.

Again, Magnussen on the road!

This time, "nothing obvious" did not cause damage. However, the partition was not the only problem for Hülkenberg in a decisive attempt. Because in his final round Kevin Magnussen came to Haas in the fourth round of the ideal line and shivered into a pebble where yellow flags were shown to Hulkenberg.

"The first round in the second quarter was also without slipstrim, and the slipstream made two, three-tenths," he says. All of these circumstances eventually led to his close end in Q2. "After all, we could still be comfortable in the future."

He would not start with the first 10 players with his penalty. That is why the Q3 withdrawal on soft tires initially could be disadvantageous beyond the top ten. "I think it would be nice to enter the Q3 but then have to start with the soft tires behind …"

As a "little consolation", he describes nearly three-tenths of the second advantage over Dani Ricciardi. "I had a big problem throughout the weekend and we changed our car from yesterday to today," the Australian says.

Prior to qualifying, his crew changed a lot, but this did not bring any hope for improvement. "We had some problems here and there this weekend, but it never seemed to have a car capable of Q3," he clearly contradicted Hulkenberg. Ricciardo is convinced that "maybe something fundamentally about the car" influenced the performance.

"Until now, we had problems with the front wheels in the brakes, especially on slow bends, and we generally missed the feel on the front axle", describes his difficulties with him since the beginning of the season.

Ricciardo's Q3 series is torn

"We've been improving since the beginning of the year, but we seem to be in trouble again, and the changes we made during the weekend did not really help us." That is why Ricciardo was "suspicious" because last time in France there was no problem.

According to Ricciardo, French updates had a small negative impact on R.S.19. "But we expected some more upgrades, which should affect time lags, which have not been shown yet, maybe because of the correlation with the aerosmith and the aero that does not fit," he speculates.

He admits he is frustrated because his Q3 series has been interrupted. Monaca has always been among the top ten. "I want to understand why I was not fast this weekend, it would be too easy to blame the path because there are still reasons why we have not yet understood."

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo doubts the basic problem zoom

In any case, unlike Hülkenberg, Kevin Magnussen did not hinder him: "Now I would like to lie and say it cost me half a second, but that is not true." Much more would not be possible in his lap, he admits.

Hülkenberg believes that the basic problem of Renaulta in Austria is less serious. German explains: "We pay the price for the aerodynamic characteristics of our car here, I do not know why here, but since I'm in this team, we have problems here."

He concludes that special angular-level problems have led to Renault losing time in the circuit. According to official analysis of Formula 1, the team is lost especially at fast odds. "Of course this is a short twist with some twists, somehow there is something in it. These are very long corners, you are in that side acceleration for a very long time."

"Theoretically, he has not lost the World Cup yet"

However, Renault can not follow Ferrari and Mercedes in the directions. The only hint of hope: "Usually, our race is better on Sunday, but of course it will be difficult to move from the 17th to the bottom but the race is tomorrow."

Meanwhile, the FIA ​​announced a provisional starting line in which Hülkenberg was the 15th and Ricciardo ranked 12th. Despite a bitter punishment, Emmericher will not be easy to break through the field.

Photos: Grand Prix Austria

"With these cars, it's not easy to get anywhere today, even in sloping corners, as I saw yesterday in the long run, when you're behind a second car, difficult even in a second gear, and you have double castors and can not get a traction . "

Since Formula One could still use the show anyway, Hulkenberg is a good candidate for that. But he sarcastically says: "Theoretically, I have not lost the World Championship yet." In a mathematical sense, it is still possible, "he laughed.

More seriously, she adds: "We will put boxing gloves and fight, maybe a few points are possible, you must remain optimistic."

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