Tuesday , May 18 2021

Korean Aira leader is dead – Cho was 70 years old

The Korean leader of Cho Yang Ho, dead, Cho has "quietly" slept at Los Angeles Clinic for lung disease. ) on Monday. Cho was 70 years old.

Against Cho, who was also president of KAL's parent company Hanjin-Group, was indicted for charges of unfaithfulness and unlawful business. After a series of scandals around his family and a growing loss of trust among the shareholders in his leadership, he lost his place at the KAL Board late last month. He remained, however, the chief of the largest South Korean airline company. So far, no heir has been appointed, the spokeswoman said.

Cho's family has been in negative titles for several years. Among other things, they were investigated for suspicion of smuggling luxurious goods into the country. Cho's eldest daughter, Cho Hyun Ah, caused a big scandal when five years ago, on Korean Aira aircraft, she was furious about the way she got a walnut bag. As a result of the dispute, the plane was pulled off at a New York-based airport back to the gate. Cho was sentenced to one year in prison in February 2015 for endangering the security of aviation. Later he was granted a suspended sentence in appeals.

KAL praised Cho as an "aviation pioneer". Under his leadership, the airline, which served 124 cities and 44 countries, became the "global force" in the industry. Cho was also president of the 2018 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee in Pyeonggang.

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