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Live: Black Wings Visit Znojmo

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Live results:


HC Orli Znojmo – Black Wing Linz

HC Orli Znojmo

Black Wing Linz

The first bully: 13.10. – 17:30

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16:58 sat

First fans have already taken a position in the away sector. There are currently about 50 people. But there will be more.

16:55 sat

Tom Rowe told us in an interview that the coaching team had carefully studied the way the Czechs play. "They get out of the zone with great speed and try to hurt their opponent. So we will react and let the third man get involved in their defensive action." However, forchecking should be slightly affected. "We want to continue to be very toxic," Rowe concludes.

16:52 hour

Something failed on Friday, as it was only after the match was over that the official match report had been fixed that Brian Lebler provided an assist in a 4-0 victory over Fehervar. That may sound irrelevant now. It was his 170th assist, and by adding his 230 goals, he makes the 400th EBEL point for the Black Wings. This is an exclamation point! Congratulations, Capitano!


Players come to warm up on the ice.

16:48 sat

What is the eternal balance between these two teams? Sweat is one of the few opponents in EBEL that has a positive effect against Linz. A total of 51 matches were played between the two teams, 22 went to Linzer, 29 to Znojmo. In 29 games, Linzer has scored the least. Away looks worse: 6 wins faced 20 defeats, in just 9 games they watched for Black Wings points. Positive: Since their first victory in the Memorial Memorial Round on January 3, 2018, Stahlstadt has won three of four matches here. So the trend is upwards.


Frictionless is different – but especially for Linzer, trips to Znojmo (if the results have long been off) have always been worth it. Especially because of attachment, because people here are very hospitable.


The Eagles would almost fall out of EBEL after the preseason. Particularly in the quarterfinals of the playoffs against Vienna, some memorable traits followed that brought the Eagles. For example, coach Miroslav Frycer was so upset in Vienna that he pulled out his cellphone during the match and called a representative of the EBEL referee to speak with him. In the match, the carrots were put in the referee's booth – "for a better view." Back then, you really wanted to get away, but this step would be – and insiders confirmed behind closed doors – some important sponsors lost. Therefore, they have accepted the penalty in the league and signed for the current season. According to EBEL, this penalty was a five-figure sum. Coach Miroslav Frycer "received a package from us," league manager Feichtinger said on Friday at the request of OÖN. Now he knows what he's allowed to do and what he's not allowed to do.

16:35 sat

There are no fans in the hall yet. Otherwise she is still abandoned. But the fans are spot on, we've already come across one or the other Schlachtenbummler from Linz in front of the auditorium.


Another hour to play. Today's Liveticker is introduced to you by Liwest.


What to say about Nevoga Arena here in Znojmo? Not much actually – it seems like nothing has changed from the previous year. The hall is relatively cool. The Czechs have one of the best areas of the game in the league.


Traditionally, it will take a little longer until we officially get the set up.


The line is here! This is how Black Wings play today:

The goal is David Kickert, Paul Mocher is his support.

1st row:
Josh Roach, Matt Finn – Brian Lebler, Rick Schofield, Dan DaSilva

Line 2:
Mario Altmann, Troy Rutkowski – Andreas Kristler, Marco Brucker, Valentin Leiler

Line 3:
Raphael Wolf, Gerd Kragl -Marek Kalus, Mark McNeill, Stefan Gaffal

Line 4:
Moritz Matzka – Alexander Cyan, Justin Florek, Dragan Umicevic


As of Friday, Julian Pusnik is known to have sustained a minor injury.


Last Friday there is a difference in lineup: Laurens Ober is gone. There will be no 13th striker in the lineup today.

15:55 sat

The team's video study is over, we'll interview Tom Rowe shortly.

15:50 sat

The mood in the team is relatively good. This morning some played a 5-on-5 football game in Linz. Team Austria won against Canada, but the man of the match was Matt Finn who scored four goals. The defender is an ardent football fan who has seen a number of matches in England – including Old-Trafford in Manchester.


From 3:12 pm, the players arrived here outside the hall.


Hello and welcome from Znojmo! Autumn is in South Moravia on its most beautiful side, temperatures are unlikely to drop to a foot in ice hockey.

With Kristler for his guest debut

Andreas Kristler, who came into use for the first time this EBEL season on Friday, will be with Linzern today. It will be the first away match for the striker. Not far away were injured Daniel Woger and Juraj Valach. But they were both training for the first time on Wednesday. According to reports, Valach was supposed to be fastest in sprint drills. Despite the height of more than two meters.

Ability to jump into the top 5

In the duel between Linz and Znojmo there is a duel to "strike". The line in the table (below the fifth spot) that divides the EBEL into the qualifier and pick group after 40 rounds is conceived. Sweat is currently fifth, but is in the 60 minute range for the Black Wings.

An emotional return begins for Neo-Linz striker Marek Kalus. Born in Ostrava, Czech played in the preseason for HC Orli Znojmo and today is the first time he meets his former club.

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