Sunday , May 16 2021

Marathon Record for Ketem –

Kenyan Viktor Kipchumba won the 36th Vienna Town Marathon and Lemawork Ketema set an Austrian record. Thousands of runners are currently traveling to Vienna.

Lemawork Ketema qualifies with the new Austrian record 2:10:44 and for the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. Limit for summer games was 2:11:30, Ketemino's best time so far is 2:13:22. Record ÖLV has been held since 2009, and Upper Austrian Günther Weidlinger with 2:10:47. Ketema is part of VCM Team Austria, organizer of the marathon Wolfgang Konrad after the bronze medal at the European Championship last year.

Lemework Ketema at the City Marathon in Vienna

APA / Hans Punz

Lemework Ketema also qualified for the Olympics in 2020

"The event also succeeds in its successes and engagements," Konrad said at a press conference before the marathon, "we knew that this was a great opportunity we needed to build and shape a team. That is good for us, but it is also good for "The best race classification should also contribute to success." The Austrians are also well-equipped with two machines for tempo as never before, "said director of the race, Johannes Langer.

15. Victory of Kenya

The win at the marathon was awarded to Vincent Kipchumbi, who secured the 15th Kenyan victory in Vienna. The 28-year-old wins Swiss Tadesse Abraham on Sunday (2:07:20) at 2:06:52.

Winner of Vincent Kipchumba at the Target Vienna City Marathon 2019

APA / Hans Punz

Victor Vincent Kipchumba

Nancy Kiprop impressively fulfilled her role as a favorite in female competition. The 39-year-old Kenijac led the lonely race and finally celebrated his third success in Vienna in a row. With a time of 2:22:12, she also dispersed the previous record of Italian Maure Viceconte, the best of the Austrians being Eva Wutti in the sixth (unofficial 2:34:12).

Eva Wutti at the Vienna Town Marathon 2019

APA / Hans Punz

Eva Wutti became the best of Austria

The motto for the Vienna City Marathon in 2019 is "Greif nach die Sternen". A total of 42,000 participants from 125 countries will participate in all competitions, and the 36th Vienna Town Marathon will again be the biggest racing event in Austria. On the track, in front of the television and through social media, a million people watch the action.

Logistic Marathon

It is also a marathon for logistics. Minced 13 tons of bananas and ten tons of apples and oranges, 145,000 liters of mineral water and isotonic drinks. 18 truck trains bring bags from beginner to goal. More than 750 people from around 100 different suppliers in the marathon week are busy building and dismantling 150 tons of material – more than 150 tons of material: a marathon design facility.

The MA48 starts after the final vehicle

The MA48 is Sunday with about 160 employees in action. There are 14 cleaning machines or tractors with cleaning machines, six washing machines, eleven vacuum cleaners, 23 flatbed car and six waste removal molds.

The main traffic directions should be cleaned and opened for traffic as soon as possible. Cleaning the trail is done after the final vehicle, cleaning the route should finish at about 4 pm. The final cleaning in the target zone and at the City Hall should end at around 20.00.

Traffic barriers

The police are deployed with about 400 officers. All visitors are advised to use the subway. With trams and buses, there are barriers or short tours along the route – more about Marathon again providing barricades.

According to the survey, in the previous year 94,012 people came to Vienna at the marathon, and in 2018 the event brought up to 126,872 overnight stays. According to the study, the event generated more nights in one move than, for example, Greek tourists throughout the year (2017: 108,532 overnight stays). On average, marathon guests spend three nights in Vienna – more than that on Marathon brings over 94,000 visitors.


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