Thursday , October 17 2019
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Microsoft bundles Internet Explorer 10

In January 2020, not only the support Windows 7 but also for the elderly viewer Internet Explorer 10Because then there is no criticism security updates That is more, he is insecure and should not be used any more.

Microsoft advises the company at Internet Explorer 11 changes. If the companies are still there Internet Explorer 10 This is because some intranet applications are optimized for the Microsoft browser. For IE11 to replace its predecessor for these intranet applications, it has "business mode" to ensure compatibility.

In addition to the IT enthusiast about nostalgia, the end Internet Explorer 10 Close to just a few users. All IE versions together have a market share of 5.4 percent. But that's more than Edge has. viewer Microsoft as the successor to Internet Explorer, has only 4.17 percent market share. Even his days are counted. Microsoft works on the heir who Google Web engine using Chromium.

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