Tuesday , October 15 2019
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new design for Android and iOS

The Google update brings red arrows of the identity theft, as in the browser. In addition, easier to switch between private and professional accounts, as well as a smart answer. […]

Gmail for mobile is embellished. (c) Google

Google Gmail gives a new look. For a new design for Android and iOS It's important to be able to quickly display attachments like photos – without opening or moving through it. It is also easier to switch between personal and professional accounts, Google writes in one blog post.

As in the web version, there are large red warnings that alert you if an email attempts to steal your identity. Additionally, the application will help you with machine learning to write e-mail faster with "Smart Compose".

This update is part of the effort to make G Suite look like a family of products. This is developed in Google material from the point of view of utility, Google states. We've already updated our web experiences for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Google Docs, and Sites.

In the coming weeks, the new mobile design in Gmail on Android and iOS will be introduced. More mobile apps for G Suite will track Google later this year.

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