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New Snowmass – Crisis Staff in Carinthia – Time

At the beginning of January, a snow roller from the north fell into the Alps and caused massive snowfall in the mountainous area – only in Hochfilzen in Tyrol 451 centimeters of fresh snow came in two weeks – now the next snow roller increases.


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The deep "Pirmin" shovels moisten Mediterranean air on Friday to Austria. "In the upper valleys of East Tyrol and Upper Carinthia up to 24 meters of fresh snow can be seen within 24 hours," Manfred Spatzierer, chief meteorologist at UBIMET, said on Wednesday.

Experts from the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geoinformation (ZAMG) have also issued extensive time warnings for Friday. Starting from morning we start!

It is possible to have up to one meter of fresh snow

While in the Zillertal Alps, the East Tyrol, the Hohe Tauern and the Lienz Dolomites, massive snow falls can be expected, in other parts of the country it is overpopulated. To make things worse, the snow will be very difficult because of the rising temperatures.

Time Warnings for Koruska on February 1, 2019 (Source: ZAMG)

From the western mountain country through Villach to Karawanken it is partially poured out of the can. In addition, dangerous storm rains whistle in the south with winds up to 100 km / h across the tops and through the valleys.

Be careful with the affected areas: it is possible to damage trees and buildings associated with weather conditions.

Call the crisis team

On Thursday he has met with a small crisis staff in the country.

"Based on the analysis, tomorrow we will be a pure precautionary measure [Freitag] call a big crisis team at 10 o'clock. Further measures will be coordinated, "said the State Council Daniel Fellner (SPÖ), a spokeswoman for the Disaster Prevention Officer, who will be affected by the captains and experts of the country, police, fire brigade, Red Cross, KELAG, ZAMG and the Federal Army.

According to the civil defense officer in the country, Markus Hudobnik, there is currently no danger to the population. However, it is important to keep track of weather forecasts in the media. The Crisis Management of the Carinthian Province intends to respond to weather warnings as soon as possible.

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