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Nintendo Switch soon arrives at N64, Mario Kart for smart phones in the summer

Nintendo have sales forecast for his game consoles switch despite very strong vacation shopping reduced. The Japanese video game company sold about 9.4 million switches in the last quarter. So since the announcement switch In March 2017, 32.27 million units were sold – just a few hundred thousand units Nintendo 64, which sold 32.93 million units for six years.

Nintendo However, the original goal of selling 20 million consoles by the end of March will still be missed: after nine months Nintendo only 14.5 million. Now the forecast is reduced to 17 million units. Also with this lie Nintendo in competition with Sony Playstation 4 (91.97 million) and Microsoft Xbox One (43.15 million), which came to the market in 2013, is still very good.

Increase in Profit and Traffic

Good replacement frozen Nintendo In the Christmas quarter, the gain was 104.9 billion yen (840 million euros) in the treasury, almost a quarter more than a year ago. Sales rose 26 percent to 608.4 billion yen (about 4.88 billion euros). In-house titles were responsible for the strong growth: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sold 12.08 million times since Pokémon We're going to Pikachu and Evoli, we sold ten million copies per issue. Super Mario Party was in vacation shopping Sold 5.3 million times.

Failure of the previous console "Wii U"The company had earlier times in red and one crisis destroyed. With switch, which can be used at home on television, as well as on the road, has inherited a traditional company, but again hit.

Mario Kart Tour comes later

Nintendo on Thursday also postponed the release of the first "Mario Kart" racing game for smartphone by summer – it was supposed to begin by the end of March. The company has long sought to make its popular toy characters just on their own available devices. But advancing Smartphone, slowing down the 3DS mobile console item, is managed Nintendo that.

Among other things, there is already a "Super Mario" game for it Smartphone, recently followed Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. Meanwhile, the sale of the 3DS console dropped from just under 5.9 to 2.3 million units in the first nine months of the fiscal year.

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