Monday , January 18 2021

“No one knows how many will test them now”

According to the government’s plan, mass interrogations planned for Jan. 15-17 would allow many people to be “released” for activities despite being locked up. That is no longer necessary. After the opposition announced it would block the relevant law in the Federal Council, the government decided not to. This means that the lock applies until January 24, “free testing” is no longer possible.

How will this affect mass tests? “It’s hard to say. No one knows how many will go for testing,” says the head of the crisis team in Linz, Mayor Klaus Luger (SP). Yesterday he agreed with Governor Thomas Stelzer (Vice-President) that the mass interrogations in Upper Austria would be postponed to 22-22 January (see page 2).

Whether the originally planned capacity for 100,000 trials at twelve locations in Linz will also be reduced has not yet been decided, but is under consideration. By yesterday afternoon, 3,790 people from Linz had signed up for the tests.

In the first mass test in early December, Linz designed its capacities for 90,000 people willing to test, and in fact a good 40,000 women and men were tested. Around the Christmas holidays (December 21-26), 23,554 tests were performed at the Design Center and 84 Covid-19 infections were detected. A third of those tested at the time were not at home in Linz.

At Luger’s proposal yesterday morning to set up permanent test stations “where you will be able to test at any time and for free,” the government and states have already agreed.

Linz City Health Councilor Michael Raml (FP) also calls for regular tests to be offered instead of large-scale mass tests. “Currently, tests offered by laboratories, pharmacies and doctors have to be paid for privately. Those costs are borne by health insurance,” the city councilor said.

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Anneliese Edlinger

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Anneliese Edlinger



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