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Poptitan is no longer on live shows: “DSDS” finalist Dieter Bohlen: “Before that he knew he was sick”

The fact that pop titan Dieter Bohlen will no longer be sitting at the jury table on the last two live shows of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” probably just surprised the audience. Candidates should have expected this already, says finalist Kevin Jenewein.

The fact that Dieter Bohlen is actually absent due to illness during the last two live shows of the current season of “DSDS” did not surprise the remaining candidates. In an interview with the Watson news portal, this year’s finalist Kevin Jenewein says: “We already knew he was sick before. But, of course, we hoped he would be in shape again. “

Bohlen’s failure was a shock, but Gottschalk’s replacement is welcome

However, the candidates found out the same day that the press had been informed that Bohlen was no longer on time – “only a few hours before that. It was a shock. ”In the semi-finals, Thomas Gottschalk briefly jumped in for Bohlen.

Kevin Jenewein found that welcome: “I grew up with Thomas Gottschalk. At first I couldn’t even imagine him in the role, but he did so well. I laughed so often so much because it really lifted my mood. I also think the feedback he gave was great. “

Kevin Jenewein didn’t miss the pop-titan himself during the show, because he admits: “I didn’t really miss him during the show because Gottschalk did it so well. I would just love to hear his feedback. “Still, the candidate seems a bit thoughtful that his trip to“ DSDS ”will end without Dieter Bohlen.

Candidate Kevin Jenewein on the boards; “I hope he’s just proud”

“It’s like that for me, my journey started with Dieter Bohlen. 2013 with ‘DSDS’ was the first thing I did with music and since then I’ve been doing it over and over again. And then this year all the support made me proud. I was a little sad about it, but health comes first. He is now at home watching and greeting us on Instagram. I hope he’s just proud, “the 27-year-old told Watson.

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