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Qualcomm wants mandatory responsibility for Apple's chief executive officer «kleinzeitung.at»

The chip manufacturer Qualcomm and Apple are participating in the fierce battle in the German courts. Patent background. Now Qualcomm requires Apple's boss to close.

20:07, January 31, 2019

Apple's boss Tim Cook
Apple's boss Tim Cook © APA / AFP / NOAH BERGER

In a dispute with Apple due to the ban on selling certain iPhones in Germany, the company wants a chip called Qualcomm with a thumbscrew. Qualcomm filed a petition before the District Court in Munich to impose a fine on Apple or, alternatively, to order a prison sentence against Apple's Executive Director Tim Cook. This is clear from the documents that were available to the Reuters news agency on Thursday.

Requirements should force Apple to implement a court ruling in December, said Qualcomm's chief prosecutor Don Rosenberg in a statement. Apple, however, accused Qualcomm of redirecting the global clash of both companies. The court spokeswoman said she could not confirm receipt of Qualcomm's request.

sale ban

The District Court in Munich decided in December in a sensible judgment that Apple should no longer offer iPhone 7, 7plus, 8, 8plus and X in Germany. Because the component in these devices violates the Qualcomm patent. Now, Qualcomm's lawyers complained to the court in her petition that Apple abolished the ban. Contrary to what the court ruled, the group did not prevent the sale of devices complained of, for example by authorized dealers. These iPhones will continue to sell third-party products in huge quantities in Germany.

In fact, Apple immediately after the verdict announced that it will take some models of iPhone out of the range of its 15 stores in Germany. At the same time, the company announced that all iPhone models are still available on dealers and other contract partners at 4,300 locations in Germany.

Deposits of securities

In addition, Apple complained of the verdict. Although years may pass to the final decision of the Higher Regional Court or the Federal Court, the District Court allowed the current ban to be enforced. Provided Qualcomm handed over $ 1.3 billion as collateral, Qualcomm, as reported, met. The sum is in the case that the verdict is abolished by a senior body, and Apple must be reimbursed for sale.

For years, both companies have been involved in lawsuits in several countries around the world. While Qualcomm is accusing the iPhone of breaching patents, Apple accuses the chip maker of abusing its market power. Qualcomm suffered a failure Thursday before a district court in Munich. The court has dismissed four more lawsuits against Qualcomm's iPhone maker. This verdict is not yet final.

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