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Racist video was obviously deleted "

The video that FPÖ solves the problem of social abuse by using an e-card as an example has caused anger during the day because it uses racist clichés. In the evening, the video is no longer available.

19:14, November 13, 2018

Because of the storm due
Shitstorm due to "Ali" FPÖ's video © Screenshot / Facebook FPÖ

While the government on Tuesday called for hate speech at the Federal Office network, the FPÖ released a video on Facebook that serves racist stereotypes. Illustrates the misuse of e-cards by "Ali" who carries fez. Even the chairman of the Vienna behege club, Johann Gudenus, shared a video on her page.

Said Ali wants to enter the E-Card of his cousin Mustafa's "teeth whitened," he says. However, it fails because the e-card will be equipped with a photo in the future. "Poor happiness But he is now relieved of social abuse," writes FPÖ's commentary on the video, which immediately won criticism from Net's competition.

"It is good that FPÖ and Minister Hartinger-Klein on the occasion of the Summit against Hate on the Internet give illustrative examples," he told NEOS.

Also moderator of ZIB Armin Wolf finds clear words on Twitter. "Against the open xenophobia and racism on Net Klarname seems to help so little," ORF Anchorman said.

Styrian State Councilor ÖVP Christopher Drexler speaks of the "infantile netopulism" of the FPÖ, which is stunned. Drexler is furious, too, for sending a photo request to the e-post before the summer, a year ago, for reasons that were not alleged by the FPÖ for widespread abuse of aliens (he had to carry an identity card with an e-card in advance the future e-card will be enough). If the FPÖ launched a video just on the day of hate crime summit, they say the same.

"FPÖ is not part of solution, but problem"

For SOS fellow citizens, video leads the summit of hate against the hate network completely ad absurdum. "Those who hate voting can not be part of the hate network solution, but they are part of the problem," he said. Alexander Pollak, SOS spokesman.

Facebook video The FPÖ that serves racism as a cliché on e-postcard now attracts a parliamentary question and the presentation of the facts of the opposition. NEOS addresses the prosecutor's office in Vienna on suspicion of encouragement, list of fungi on request by the Minister of Social Welfare Beate Hartinger-Klein (FPÖ) about their inclusion in video information.

Hate speech

The presentation of NEOS facts is based on suspicion of encouragement (§ 283 of the Criminal Code) and is directed against the FPÖ parliamentary club, its president of the Johann Gudenus club, and against the FPÖ itself and its party leader Heinz-Christian Strache. There is a suspicion that "a group of people is defined by criteria of origin, regional or ethnic origin, as well as religion abused in a manner that could despise or abuse that public opinion group," they say in fact.

NEOS Justice spokesman Irmgard Griss said in an APA statement: "The day the government hosts a hate network summit, FPÖ publishes racist, xenophobic video that is more than cynical In a civilized state, the video proves that hiding photos with indexing family allowances is not an" unlucky isolated case ". "And it was" completely unreasonable why ÖVP was silent for some time ". leader of ÖVP Sebastian Kurz allow FPÖ to "play people against each other and to degrade certain groups".

List of social media from mushrooms Daniela HolzingeIn turn, in parliamentary matters, he addresses the Minister of Social Affairs, who was interviewed on the mentioned video spot. Holzinger, among other things, wants to know from the head of the department that when he submitted his statement to FPÖ-TV, he knew what context to use. "Did you know the video script?", So is the matter of a representative.

Additionally, the mushroom list also wants to know how many cases of ill-treatment with the previous e-card are known to the ministry and which is the total damage caused by this misuse. There is also a question as to whether the Minister of Social Affairs is Beate Hartinger-Klein video "from form and / or content" was discussed with Chancellor Kurz or with the Federal Office.

Meanwhile, FPÖ video criticism stems from the SOS human being's non-governmental organization: "Hetzvideo on e-cards, distributed today by Social Democrats Beate Hartinger-Klein, runs a summit of anti-hate politics on the Internet Apsurdum: Whoever goes with loud voices can not be part of hate speech solutions in the network, but it's part of the problem, "said SOS's former human voice, Alexander Pollak, on the show.

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