Saturday , May 15 2021

Schalke 04: Jewish Hate! Call for Murder !! Scandal around Ausraster fans – Bundesliga

61 841 fan on Saturday afternoon at Veltins Arena on Schalke – and the man who despises man!

"You fucking DFB whores, we're gonna kill you, you little whore.. the individual shouted from the north curve. It stems from a video that appeared on the Internet.

His hatred for referee Saschi Stegemann (34) and video assistants, who decided in the last minute of the Eintracht Frankfurt punishment, allowed Pöbler to escape and punish the video judge: "Otaras are crap, or you will all be shot."

An incredibly low point of two-hour thieves posted by a Slavic perpetrator on Youtube: "Jews!" Turn them all off. Kill them all! "

Police spokesman: "There is a suspicion of revolt. The state police in Gelsenkirchen has taken over the investigation.

A video screaming for legal consequences! Article 130 of the Criminal Code punishes the rebellion. Pöbler threatens three months to five years in prison!

Fans of Schalke are so shocked because of the curving of the curve in their northern curve that they have asked FC Schalke 04 to take legal steps.

Spokesperson Schalke tells the BILD: "We are happy that our fans do not accept such things and give the right advice because we do not endorse such behavior at Schalke."

The person concerned has not yet been identified, the images are currently being reviewed, the spokesperson continues. Scores of stadium stadium reports will be evaluated on Monday.

The guilty party threatens to withdraw the season ticket – if any – as well as exclusion from the club.

Some direct reactions to the internet on the video:

▶ ︎ "Like Schalke, I'm ashamed of this guy …" (Steffen)

▶ ︎ "I'm so scared to be a man …" (Manolo Lolo)

▶ ︎ "You should seriously take what is said and show it. Racist remarks as well as threats and insults. "(PlanespottigJZ)

▶ ︎ "This is the case of state protection." (Sascha Misz)

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