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SKYLINES – now available as a Switch box


Paradox Interactive announced that Cities: Skylines for Nintendo Switch from Studio Tantalus Media is now also available as boxing anywhere in the world. Cities: The Skylines – The Nintendo Switch Edition, the first developer of the portable platform, provides the ultimate entertainment wherever you go.

Modern approach to classical city simulation originally created by the Colossal Order – Cities: Skylines brings you the excitement and tough construction and preservation of the true city, along with the transport and economic system, to complete the simulation experience. Cities: Skylines is designed to match every style of the game – anytime, anywhere.

Better portable than ever, the Nintendo Switch Edition of this favorite City Simulator fan has a user interface designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch and also includes the two most popular cities: Skylines & Extensions – After Dark and Snowfall. The game uses the advantages of unique platform capabilities, such as HD Rumble, and also offers deep tutorials and Pro Controller support.


  • Multi-level and challenging simulation: Build your own city from scratch, which is easy to learn but it's hard to overcome it. Play as mayor and balance essential needs such as school education, water, electricity, police, fire brigade, health care, and more, along with the right urban ecosystem and various gameplay scenarios.
  • Exclusively for the Nintendo Switch Edition: When using the HD Rumble, the rumbling effect confirms the most effective areas for building building services in your city. The Pro Controller is supported and additional guides will help you play the first time.
  • Extensive Traffic Simulation: The detailed experience of colossal orders in the development of cities on the move comes from sophisticated transport systems.
  • Areas and Regulations: Being more than a city administration administrator. County District Assignment results in the creation of regulations, which in turn can increase your status in the mayor's office.
  • After Dark: By focusing on free and touristic specialties, the core of this feature is the day and night cycle and the way you manage the city. Will you create a city that will live and breathe during the night, or will it be subject to the dangers of darkness?
  • Snow: Due to the additional challenges and opportunities of this expansion, such as snow maps, road cars and heating systems, difficulties are growing as the city cools. There are temperature readings, cosmetic time updates, additional parks and infrastructure requirements in the game for your residents to be warm and safe from the cold weather.

Cities: Skylines is available for PC, Mac, Linux, Windows 10, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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