Sunday , May 9 2021

SPO ad for & # 39; threat of murder & # 39; on Facebook

SPÖ was criticized after a "death threat" against his EU chief candidate Andreas Schieder on Facebook, the FPÖ. After Schieder talked about the "Kellernazis" identity debate over the weekend, a user in the blue fan group on Facebook, a "red criminal" belongs to "hanging on the next tree."

Drought takes FPÖ to duty

SP Director General Thomas Drozda wants to publish posts in the group "Tell HC Strache and Norbert Hofer" and also see FPÖ in office. "It's basically a threat of murder." The problem of freedom is not an identity, but an environment in which a party is moving. "It's part of the political hatred that is promoted by right-wing extremists who are obviously an elementary part of the FPÖ," Drozda said.

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