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Suspect wolf at St. Jakob in Defereggen

Jakob – After Tuesday in St. Jakob in Defereggen discovered the body of a two-year red deer, it is believed that the wolf could break the animal. "Based on the existing evidence, there is a concrete suspicion," said Martin Janovsky, the state commissioner for big predators, in the country's release.

The responsible official veterinarian of the Lienz Commission in the District was on-site investigations: In addition to taking samples, the DNA study that has already begun will provide additional information: "With the result of a genetic examination, the current test result can be confirmed. of the population, "says Janovsky. The results are expected in two to three weeks.

The wolf was not seen in St. Jakob in Defereggen, according to current information. However, few days ago near the dead red deer were found remains of cranberry carcase. "The connection can not be excluded," says Janovsky. (

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