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The 14-year-old box of Fortune, earning more than $ 200,000

While others still get a pocketbook at their age, the 14-year-old American lives in the sleep of many Fortnit players and already earns money in the game – a 6-digit range.

Many Fortune players are dreaming about it: For many passionate streamers and single-minded content creators, Fortnite is a lucrative source of income that also provides the means to live.

For example, one of the world's most famous streamers, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, earned nearly $ 7 million in 2018 with its YouTube and Twitch channels, focusing on Fortnite.

Even the 14-year-old Fortnie probably no longer has to worry about his pocket. Because he already earns more than $ 200,000 a year with the game.

Griffin is a spiky strong player
Source: South China Morning Post

Who is that? Griffin "Skeptic" Spikoski is a 14-year-old American from New York. He is a passionate Fortnie player and drummer who made a big breakthrough last year.

He managed to earn $ 200,000 in 2018, most of which made Twitch and YouTube content at Fortnite. More than 1.2 million fans are already tracking an adolescent on YouTube. Its total videos are viewed more than 71 million times.

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How did the player become so successful? His starry career began nearly nine months ago when Spikoski set up a video by removing Tfue, another well-known Fortnie player. This video turned his life away. The video has now reached more than 7.5 million views and has helped the Skeptics to be firmly established in the ranks of the elite Fortnite.

Since then, Spikoski has constantly refined his skills. The normal day is played up to 8 hours a day, on weekends, sometimes until 18:00. He considers his passion to work.

There are already 2 consultants for 14 years

So Spikosi supports his family: Griffin would play a lot, according to his own words. But his parents support his passion.

Among other things, they enabled him to submit to an online school because his life was hardly compatible with the traditional high school visit. They also engaged a financial accountant and a business advisor to ensure that their revenue is managed appropriately.

Fortnite Title2

This is what Spikosi wants to do with his money: The adolescent does not want to throw his earned money from the window, for example, but for example to save money for college or later for the house – provided that success continues.

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