Monday , May 17 2021

The debate on identity was overshadowed by Haimbuchner's re-election

The identity debate was overshadowed by Haimbuchner's re-election

Linz. 97 percent for party leader FP, Strache defended at party congress in Linz against accusations of proximity to identities,

Haimbuchner (l.), Strache Image: Weihbold

"In the state elections in 2021 there will be no past FP Upper Austria," Manfred Haimbuchner said at the convention on the state party in the design center on Saturday. They will do everything possible to "have no green or socialist experiments".

Haimbuchner was re-elected with 97.3 percent of the 436 votes cast as President of the State Party. Three years ago it reached 97.4 percent.

The party congress was upgraded by a public debate on the FP contact points with the right-wing movement of extremist identities. Although Haimbuchner briefly and indirectly dealt with this subject ("decades of hatred against the FP"), Heinz-Christian Strache's chief executive director devoted much of his speech to that topic. "We have drawn a clear line of separation," he said, pointing out that no one who is active in identity can have a role or mandate on the FP. "We have nothing with identities and we do not want to have anything with them," Strache said. They do not allow them to take over.

But he has also admitted that one or other fellow "sympathy for the essential reasons" for the grouping have. Still: FP is in the middle of society. "We are not extremists." Strache talked about the "left hostage party" who lied to the FP and criminalized the party's positions. "Because their nerves are empty." For this they are responsible for the SP questionnaire. On the other hand, left extremism is constantly turning its eyesight.

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Criticizing Kurz's absolutism

Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (VP) is pleased with Strache's "demarcation" of identity. "This abominable thought has no place in our free and liberal society," he said after the party's FP convention. That was already said on Friday in the "60 minutes" discussion. The head of FD in Graz Mario Eustachio did not distance himself from identity on Thursday, called Kurz "crazy."

The opposition yesterday, on Sunday, described the distancing of the FP from identity as an incredible and criticized course. SP representative Sabine Schatz spoke of the "Absolution" of the chancellor for a coalition partner: "It is obvious that his coalition peace in favor of the donor of his campaign is more important than the actual line of separation of identities."

There was also a announcement of the FP's national party conference. Strache announced that the legal claim for the "Tatina Month" would be fixed and that mandatory ORF charges would be abolished by 2022.

Haimbuchner put the motto "Heimat, Land, Leistung" at the center of his speech. With its zero deficit and minimal security reform, Upper Austria has become a national model.

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