Saturday , September 18 2021

The founder of N26 is investing in starting former employees

The biotech startup from Graz Celeris Therapeutics has completed a pre-seed funding round of € 400,000. The start-up around Christopher Trummer and Jakob Hohenberger is developing a modular platform for early-stage drug research – and has managed to convince international investors.

The participants in the round are those based in Silicon Valley YOUR R42 Group, which focuses on artificial intelligence and deep science, as well as the Longevitytech..of fund from Prague, specializing in longevity technologies. “Our goal has always been to attract strategic investors, not just pure financiers,” says Celeris CEO Trummer.

The platform enables a new class of drugs

But what exactly is this platform that Celeris Therapeutics is developing? “Simply put, its great benefit is that it supports drug development and the creation of new pharmaceutical molecules,” Trummer explains. “This makes us one of the first companies in the world to be able to calculate Degrader technology.”

Degraders are molecules that help break down certain proteins in the body. This will enable a new class of drugs – because so far the molecules have been used in drugs that only inactivate pathogenic proteins, Trummer continues. However, with Degrader technologies in the future they may even shrink.

Better market drugs faster

Objective: In the future, this should allow for better medicines that can be placed on the market faster. In this way, diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or prostate and breast cancer should be cured, the company formulates its ambitious vision. Accordingly, potential users of the Celeris One platform are companies from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Celeris Therapeutics is managed by bio and business informatics expert Trummer who is responsible for technological advancement. His partner Jakob Hohenberger is a serial entrepreneur and responsible for business development at Celeris. The team also includes four doctoral and postdoctoral fellows from the universities of Vienna, Oxford and Graz, as well as an expert in computer chemistry and a deep learning engineer. The company started last fall, and the GmbH has been in its current form since January.

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