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The new Ford Explorer also comes to Europe

Ford Explorer, the best-selling SUV of all time, will enter the European market by the end of 2019, and will be presented as a hybrid vehicle of 331 kW (450 hp) with plug-in technology.

Thanks to a clean electric range of about 40 kilometers, this seven-seat is assured of the latest local emissions, particularly in urban areas. The fully-restored sixth generation of bestsellers, whose history goes back to 1990, had its public premiere in the US in January. Ford offers a new top model of its European SUV family exclusively as a left-hand drive and two high-quality levels of equipment: the sporty "ST-Line" features Ford Performance's design features, as well as a particularly luxurious "Platinum" version. The European Research Debut will be the Explorer Plug-In Hybrid at Ford's "Go On" event in Amsterdam.

System power: 331 kW (450 hp) and 840 Nm maximum torque

In many traffic situations, the Ford Explorer with plug-in hybrid technology combines the typical efficiency, driving culture and the start of the electric motor with the range of benefits of a traditional internal combustion engine.

The plug-in hybrid system consists of a 257 kW (350 hp) Ford EcoBoost V6 turbo petrol engine with a 3.0 liter capacity and an electric power engine of 74 kW (100 hp). The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 13.1 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and can be connected to the charger via the connection option – located in the front left mud box between the gate and the port. In pure electric mode, the car can travel about 40 kilometers and thus qualifies for tax returns in many countries. Thanks to recovery, the system recovers that kinetic energy and inserts it into a battery that would otherwise be lost as brake friction.

The overall system provides a power of 331 kW (450 hp), as well as a maximum torque of impressive 840 Nm.

Thanks to the parallel hybrid architecture, Explorer can simultaneously take full system performance (petrol and electric) to turn them into extremely agile performance on and off the paved road or to draw trailers of 2.5 tons. The Ford 10-speed automatic transmission supports this performance.

Four different driving programs in electric mode

The driver can decide when and how to retrieve the power stored in the battery. There are four different selection programs: EV Auto, EV Now, EV Later, and EV Charge. Abbreviation "EV" means an electric vehicle. Appropriate electric driving modes are displayed as pictograms on the 12.3-inch instrument panel display. When the battery level is low, the system automatically switches to EV automatic mode and activates the petrol engine – which continues to receive e-drive for greater fuel efficiency as much as possible during braking.

Ford expects the Explorer will have a consumption of 3.4 liters / 100 km and CO2Emissions of 78 g / km.

Intelligent Four Wheel Drive: Dozens of sensors provide plenty of data

Power Transmission Manages Intelligent All-Wheel Drive in conjunction with a modern 10-speed automatic transmission. With a good grip, Ford Explorer runs on the rear wheels. Only when needed, the engine power is automatically – distributed to the front wheels.

Intelligent four-wheel drive systems handle a multitude of data, delivering dozens of sensors at 10 milliseconds – from cruising speed, turning moment and outside temperature to wheel slip, and information on whether to tow a trailer. From this, the control unit calculates the optimal power distribution on all four wheels, which is achieved by a single-step electromechanical single-step transmission within 100 milliseconds between the front and rear axles. Like a 10-speed automatic transmission, the four-wheel drive system continues to learn about adaptive algorithms and improves its response to current conditions.

Modern off-road steering system with seven driving modes

The new Ford Explorer is also flexible and customizable when adapting to different road, weather and terrain conditions. The driver has access to an advanced TMS (Offshore Management System) off-road steering system that offers seven driving modes controlled by the Normal, Sports, Dirt Road, Slippery, Trailer and Eco, as well as a special deep snow setting. / Sand. Each individual program is displayed with its own graphic symbols on the 12.3-inch instrument screen. Standard downhill control makes it easy to move to heavy terrain.

Advanced aid systems

Advanced help systems increase safety and driving comfort. Ford compiles these systems under the global generic name "Ford Co-Pilot360". The standard version of the Ford Explorer plug-in hybrid includes, for example

Park Assist Plus with parking and parking functions as well as semi-automatic vehicle control: everything you need to do is press switch, electronics identify suitable parking spaces along or over the street and automatically control the car – including throttle and brake pedal, all that is still on the driver , is the "neutral" position of the automatic transmission insert. Of course, the system also works in the opposite direction when the partially automated Auspark Assistant safely retracts the vehicle from the parking bag.

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross Traffic Alertom also facilitates parking. The system warns on vehicles approaching the Explorer side and, if necessary, also activates the brake to avoid collision. At the same time, the auxiliary system for the dead point has been extended to a trailer of up to ten meters in length.

There is also a new emergency braking function for back driving. Thanks to radar and ultrasonic sensors, the system detects obstacles and stops the car in time before collision – for example, when you drive back from the road.

In difficult situations, the reciprocal action of the rear camera and front camera with other camera systems in the lower case of the outside mirrors also helps. They feature 360 ​​degree versatile views of the central monitor and have their own cleaning system.

The new explorer's environment also tracks aid before colliding with pedestrians and bikes, which warns of collision with non-motorized traffic participants and helps avoid accidents.

Even long journeys in dense traffic languish due to the help systems such as track pilots, traffic jam and Stop & Go functions, and Intelligent Cruise Control Signaling (iACC) control system. The electronics adapt to the pre-selected speed of traffic, automatically maintaining the safety distance to the vehicle in front and the vehicle in the middle of the road. The Traffic Signaling System also ensures that local speed limitations are taken into account. The front camera registers the appropriate traffic signs along the road and on the portals, but also uses information from the navigation system.

If needed in traffic jams, iACC will also stop the vehicle and automatically restart it if the stopping did not last more than three seconds. If the Explorer lasts longer than three seconds, it is enough to press the steering wheel switch or light weight on the accelerator pedal and the car will restart. The belt conveyor recognizes road markings and automatically aligns the car with its active iACC belt and speeds of up to 200 km / h with a gentle steering effect. If driver impacts do not appear over a period of time, the system warns drivers with light and sound signals.

Additional security is provided by technologies such as the Dodge Assistant, which uses targeted management help to safely perform avoidance maneuvers. In that sense, after-collision aid, which activates the brakes after the collision, to reduce the risk of another crash.

"It's not about adapting our models to these systems to help just because of technology," said Torsten Wey, head of driving and security technology at Ford Europe. "Focus is more secure and stress-free driving experience. The driver should feel comfortable and comfortable with the Ford Explorer."

Plenty of space for up to seven people in three rows of seats

With an outside length of 5.05 meters, 2.28 meters wide (with open rear view mirrors) and a height of 1.78 meters, the new Ford Explorer with plug-in hybrid drive meets all requirements for up to seven people reliably placed in three rows of seats. Even adults feel good at six and seven.

The new Explorer emphasizes its family comfort with a flexible interior trim and a particularly easy access to two seats in the third row of seats. This "Easy Fold" seat can also be folded electrically and then molded – after having assembled three "Easy Fold" seats in the middle row – flat surface.

The volume of the luggage compartment is maximum 2.274 liters. 123 liters still occupy numerous storage and storage compartments in Explorer's interior. For example, no less than 12 cup holders are available for seven passengers.

Extensive standard equipment including the FordPass Connect modem

Extensive standard equipment for the new Explorer with plug-in hybrid drive ranges from the 10-degree automatic transmission rotary switch to front heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, wireless charging cellular phone charger, seat heating and passenger rails the second row to dark-colored glazing privacy from the A-Pillar and the B & O's top-of-the-range 800-watt sound system with twelve loudspeakers. The "Platinum" version has a B & O sound system with 1,000 W and 14 speakers.

All seven passengers on the new Ford Explorer enjoy the standard FordPass Connect modem. It turns the car into a mobile Wi-Fi point for up to ten devices at the same time. With the FordPass application, the modem also allows the vehicle to lock and unlock, and to get the central vehicle information, such as fuel and oil level, remotely accessible via a smart phone. The position of the car and the starting of the engine are possible from a distance. In addition: Due to real-time traffic data, longer tours can be planned without traffic jams and stress.

In the "Platinum" Explorer, the standard 10.1-inch touch screen is available as standard ("ST-Line": 8.0 inches). It resembles a tablet with a capacitive surface and protrudes outside the center console of the instrument panel. For example, a driver can use this touchscreen to show full-screen navigation maps or to share the on-screen display for more information. Combined with the voice-controlled information and entertainment system Ford SYNC 3, this touchscreen reacts very quickly and intuitively.

The touch screen reacts with a full 12.3-inch digital monitor on the instrument panel, which is standard for both versions of the equipment. In a special view, it provides information on power flow and power supply in electric mode, and on request provides useful tips for a particularly energy-efficient driving style.

"I am very excited to launch the newly developed Ford Explorer in Europe, the most versatile SUV we've ever offered on this continent," says Roelant de Waard, vice president of Ford Europe, responsible for marketing, sales and services. "The researcher can accommodate up to seven the person is reluctant to pull out trailers that weighs up to 2.5 tons and rolls up to 40 kilometers through the city in an electrically-free mode. "At the same time, he introduces new technologies such as a 10.1-inch touch screen and slimmer functions brakes to turn to our European model.

Standard 20 inch alloy wheels

For 29 years the Ford Explorer has followed a consistent philosophy of design. It is distinguished by characteristic design elements such as Black Offset A and D-poles, as well as C-pylons in color. This is also the case for the sixth generation of Explorers, which also has a sporty side profile, including a dynamic slope of the roof and a shorter front axle.

The new Explorer with a plug-in hybrid drive is factory-set on 20-inch aluminum rims. For "ST-Line" equipment, the rims get a black, machine-treated surface, and the edges of the "Platinum" model are characterized by a matte black finish. Further features of Explorer "ST-Line": One-piece, glossy black grille and black offset high gloss application on roof rails and door panels. Inside, the red accents, the flattened sports steering wheel in the lower part of the floor rug and the lining in the carbon look create an exciting contrast.

Explorer "Platinum" comes with one-piece grille, roof rails and satin finish doors. In the interior, instrument panels decorate the real wooden applications.

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