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The party at corporate cost: forbidden to visit the Strip Club


Kevin Plank has been the chair of the Under Armor Board since 1996.

Kevin Plank has been the chair of the Under Armor Board since 1996.(Photo: imago / UPI Photo)

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Sports product manufacturer under Armour Plank allegedly held unfair business practices. Visit to strip clubs together with athletes and performers is not uncommon – costs are borne by his company.

According to the news report, the American manufacturer of sports goods Under Armor opposed employees to continue paying visits to strip clubs at company costs. This practice has long been a common practice, and until this year the corporation sent email to employees on the fact that it will no longer tolerate, the Wall Street Journal said, citing private circles within the company.

According to the report, employees, including executives such as executive director Kevin Plank, often went to strip clubs after corporate events with athletes and colleagues – in many cases the company took over costs. The behavior was symptomatic of the conditions that women found humiliating in Under Armour. For example, managers should invite young female colleagues – depending on their "attractiveness to male guests" – to exclusive parties on Planks estate.

He did not threaten with the gun in the news release. "We can and will do better," said founder and CEO Plank. Employees gained a fair working environment. He believes that "systemic inequality" is a global problem, continues Plank, with significant cultural changes already underway under Under Armor. Even a great rival Nike has caused this year's change to reports of sexual accusations and discrimination.

The company founded the company in 1996 and since then has served as the president of the Sports Equipment Manufacturers Board which employs 14,000 people around the world. Under armor is rapidly evolving and now comes to annual turnover of about five billion dollars. After the release of the report, company shares fell by more than three percent.



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