Sunday , March 7 2021

The Vienna finals shares: Verbund, Polytec, Lenzing fixed message numbers

VIENNA (dpa-AFX) – The Vienna Stock Exchange closed much tighter on Wednesday. ATX grew by 45.63 points or 1.44 percent to 3203.53 units. The current earnings reporting season was a stimulus in early trading. Very strong are sought after reporting on composite numbers. Shares closed 7.48 percent, fixed at 39.94 euros, so they are by far the biggest winners in the prime market.

Despite the historically low water supply in the third quarter, the Group's operating profit to September was higher than in the same period last year. Because of the low volume of water, Verbund has cut its annual targets for 2018, but the targets are still above 2017.

Polytec grew 4.18 percent to EUR 9.71 after showing quarterly figures. The car supplier recorded a decline in sales and earnings but confirmed the prospects for the whole year. According to Warbur's analysts, figures were somewhat better than expected.

Lenzing increased after the release of quarterly data from 3.75 percent to 85.75 euros. The price increase for important commodities and unfavorable exchange rate fluctuations led to a decline in sales and gains of fiber producers in the first nine months. However, according to Baader's analysts, the figures showed no great surprises and could even signalize they gave the bottom.

Voestalpine (voestalpine), however, closed quarterly results by 0.59 percent to EUR 31.76. Scrapie for automotive exhaust gas manipulation and routine high-boiler replacement left their mark on the balance of steel companies. Profit after tax dropped by 18.7 percent year-on-year to EUR 316 million. Operating profit before interest and taxes dropped by 17.9 percent. By contrast, sales rose by 5.9 percent. / Friend / dkm / APA / tos

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