Tuesday , January 19 2021

These Android applications already use the ⊂ · ⊃ CURVED.de feature

As part of its developer conference, Google has demonstrated how much power-footing affects the battery life of your smartphone. Savings are sometimes impressive. Dark design is in the settings of many Android applications.

In several slideshow slideshows, Google will show on Android Dev Summit how much it will affect energy consumption if you wrap a black design in black: For example, in the YouTube app, spending dropped by 60 percent due to dark design,

Dark mode on Google Maps and your business

Google apps also have the SMS Android Messages app and Gboard Google keyboard with this setting, counting 9to5Google. The pixel launcher, the smartphone startup screen, has also been enabled by feature developers often required by users. Dark Mode also saves the eyes after dark. Practically, Google News offers an application that users can use over a longer period of time.

Many will already notice that displaying Google Maps in the evening to dark design is umspringt. Presentation not only looks elegant, you also do not have to wait until the twilight. In the settings under "Navigation Settings" and "Map Display", you can set the dark mode to always on. You can also turn off the light on Google Authenticator and the Google Image Snapseed Editor.

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