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This leaves 440 places in the Rapid Stadium for free – soccer

Europa League hit in Vienna! Two weeks after 0: 5 rebounds, Rapid invites Spanish club Villarreal on Thursday (18.55) to Hütteldorf to retaliate. The Allianz Stadium is sold out – but not full. There are 440 seats left on the northern forum (probably). That's an unusual reason.


Will Rapid succeed in the championship?

Rapid offered a two-way subscription to international home games against Villarreal (8 November) and Glasgow Rangers (13 December) a few weeks ago. The package is well received. Especially in Scotland. In a short time, they received 440 card orders from the island. "We stopped then," says Andy Marek's chief of staff.

To get another 300 VIP cards

The fact is: 440 Skots now have a two-way subscription. It seems incredible to travel to Rapid against Villarreal. And if they did not sell tickets (in Austria), the seats remain empty.

It is also possible to manage a VIP forum. 300 cards are still available.

125 cabins for the cob have been reported from Spain. However, only 25 of them have tickets for an official guest.

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