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Treyarch & Crunch: Two-story culture for event developers

In the Treyarch Development Study, overtime work is being sought in surplus, as is the case with many other employees in the sector, and temporary workers are also badly treated. Particularly affected by this two-tiered society is the quality assurance department that requires bugs in the game and new updates.

This situation brings a comprehensive report Kotaku in light, based on discussions with eleven former ex-employees of the study. Unusually long working hours are caused by fixed release dates, unwanted development, and design changes. The last year before the appearance of the current Call of Duty, Black Ops 4, was from "indefinite scolding"It was unfortunate because Treyarch set up campaign work in early 2018 and wanted to replenish the missing content through a new way of working with Battle Royale. Work on that, developers would start just nine months before the release.

Voluntary overtime

Theoretically, overtime was not obligatory, he writes on the pages, but it is clear that he will be expected. Working time would be 64 hours a week, some interviewees also record 70 weekly hours. However, not all departments were equally affected. Above all, quality assurance has to work a lot and without long-term application. However, the burden has not ended even with the release of the game, as the release of updates and new content as well as other offer of services has to be done quickly.

This department is made up of Temporary Workers and Contractors in Treyarch, which is particularly beneficial for the impact: the pay for this activity is a US $ 13, which is just above the minimum wage. Since the cost of living in Los Angeles is high and overtime work is better paid, strong incentives for self-exploitation are being created – they are the only way to live there. For these reasons, Treyarch is also an additional job as a kind of gift, said a former employee of that site. However, contract workers do not receive bonuses, they do not benefit from the massive financial success of the series, which is supported by the ongoing expansion of micro-transactions, which have hit a new peak at Black Ops 4.

Employees of the second class

However, temporary workers at Treyarch are worried in other ways. Sitting on a separate floor, you are only allowed to use remote parking spaces, work in overcrowded offices, and do not need to talk to developers in case of a tester. The communication barrier has, among other things, the reasons for channeling and structuring information flows, but also the fear of information leaks. For employees, however, creates a feeling of being badly treated, quality assurance staff would also have a negative image.

In addition, Treyarch would for a long time switch off air conditioning during night shifts, which led to unbearable temperatures due to a large number of electronic devices, excluding staffing sessions, internal satisfaction surveys and working conditions, and participation in internal events. There are free meals just for regular employees, temporary workers are unlikelysometimes"The party still eats what is left. The paid leave, this group also receives only six days a year, which can only be claimed if it is 13 weeks before it has exceeded either loss or illness or minimum working time. , writes Kotakuthe number of paid holiday days has decreased considerably.

The official reaction remains unclear

In the statement, Publisher Activision did not respond to specific allegations. General expressions emphasize the importance of working environment, employee behavior, and performance. In the internal post office, Treyarch announced improvements in the balance between business and private life and invited employees to be open to a responsible manager or, if this is not possible, contact the study director directly. No one should feel that it is the only way for the public.

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