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Tyrolean Green move from Barbara Nessler to the Nationalrats

Author Manfred Mitterwachauer

Innsbruck – At the Green Assembly in Innsbruck yesterday, no seniority with the previously scheduled vote between Innsbruck Councilor Barbara Nessler and former vice-president Herman Weratschnig for the first time on the national list for the 29 September parliamentary elections. Because Weratschnig changed his mind – and entered the race for the second place on the list.

He announced that, however, a large part of the assembly complained loudly and Weratschnig, but he wanted to push the duel with Nessler. In vain. "We do not need a duel for the first place," Weratschnig said. Still, yesterday's sympathy seemed to be clearly divided. Still, Nessler could not comment alone. For the first time for second place, Stefanie Gartlacher managed to change the battle for the first place.

"Indirectness and actionism have once brought us to the National Council, and that's exactly what it will be, so we can go back there with a fresh wind," said Nessler accusingly of struggling. The chances are good: "We are not alone with our own uncompromising commitment to the untouched environment. "

Nevertheless, it was enough for Nessler to score 51.2 percent at the end only very precisely – with 66, and thus three more votes – to win against Gartlacher (63 votes). Weratschnig beat easily and without a second round, with 61.3 percent in the five-player race for second place. He was an optimist: "I want to create a second term with you and 15 percent."

The mayor of Innsbruck, Georg Willi, has issued number two as a target. "Probably we will be able to be again represented by two tyrolean mandates at the National Council." After the debut in the 2017 elections and the expulsion from the National Council, we learned a lot. This was also emphasized by LHStv. Ingrid Felipe. Particularly for climate protection, drastic measures will be needed. For that it takes the acceptance of the population, Felipe: "I do not want to become a teacher or even authoritarian."

Although Grüne, SPÖ and FPÖ have already determined the best candidates for their country, they are still waiting for ÖVP and NEOS. Former Minister Margarete Schramböck of Tyrol will run for the first place in ÖVP, it is considered agreed, the party's official executive board has not yet blessed.

NEOS will decide the next day.

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