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Zagreb gets rid of Fehervar

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, 13.NOV.18 - ICE HOCKEY - EBEL, Erste Bank Hockey League, EV Vienna Capitals vs KHL Medveščak Zagreb. The picture shows Sebastien Sylvestre (Medveščak). Photo: GEPA Pictures / Philipp Brem

KHL Medvescak Zagreb managed to defeat Fehervar AV19. After a clear defeat at the beginning of the season, the Croats are 4-2.

After the international holiday and appearances of the Continental Cup KHL Medvesczak Zagreb, Croats received Fehervar AV19. At the beginning of the game both teams did not have much chances. The bears have won the lead in the last seconds of their first leg. Aviani took advantage of the Hungarian mistake and kicked out of the first race at 1-0.

Croats doubled their lead in 29 minutes. Manavian fired the wrist from the blue line, which Svensson turned 2-0. In the 5-game 3-player game, Hari scored the first goal with a single team.

Zagreb reiterated the old advantage in 46 minutes when Lemtyugov hit the sling through the obstacle ahead of the goal. However, the Hungarians did not give up. Philipps held the ball in the back of the net. Two minutes from the time Armstrong made the decision and scored 4-2.

Ebel-Friday-December HCI 23-11

Erste Bank Hockey League, Supplement Round 20:
Tuesday, 20.11.2018: KHL Medvescak Zagreb vs. Fehervar AV19 4: 2 (1: 0, 1: 1, 2: 1)
Judges: OFNER, PIRAGIĆ, Nedeljković, Zgonc

Goals MZA: Aviani (20.), Svensson (29.), Lemtyugov (45th), Armstrong (59th)
AVS goals: Hari (34.pp2), Phillips (54/pp1)

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Image: GEPA

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