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17 students from Jahangirnagar have been thrown out

Jahangirnagar University Jahangirnagar University (JU) in separate cases, the University Management commissioned 17 students from various departments, Rahima Kaniz, a registered university registrar, told reporters on Wednesday.

Rahima Kaniz said these decisions were made at the 304th trade union meeting on January 18, and an official order was issued on Tuesday.

According to the official order, 11 students from the same department were expelled for different periods on the basis of a report on the investigation of the Complaints Commission on incidents of indecency and persecution by 16 students of the Department of Microbiology 45 and 43 students of the same division. In that incident, Microbiology Department stated in 45th series. Naeem-e-Aktar, Izzaz Ahmed, Md. Mehedi Hasan and Md. Iqbal Hossain was fined Tk 5000 and was sentenced to 31 December 2011. The same division and series by Sajib Hossain, MD. Al-Amin Childhood, Md. Abu Nayeem and GM Tariqul Islam were fined 6 months in fines and fined Tk 5000. Apart from the same division and series Shahriar Khan was expelled for 3 months and sentenced to Tk 5000 and Nahidul Islam and Mohammad Omar Faroque was expelled for 3 months.

On January 9, at the University Battal, three students were physically attacked. Rizwan Rashed Swan (Department of Drama and Dynamics, 47 batch), K. M. Mohammed Hasan (Department of Archeology, 47 Batch) and Ahsanuzzaman Shaon (Marketing Department, 47 Batch) were temporarily suspended.

42-year student of Computing and Engineering at the University of Kamaluddin, 335 no. Sajjad Hossain and 39th Bengal Division series Major Uddin (Johnny) was expelled for 6 months.

Additionally, a 45-member drama and drama discipline student was kicked out three months after Aggar Hossain Rabbi of the same group split 43-holes on the basis of an investigation report of the committee on allegations of repression.

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