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28,000 euros per minute on Real Madrid's bench!

Many people have not heard his name. But ten years ago, Julian Phobert was known as the Riyad Madrid wing. But during the match, the bench had its own address on the bench. They will also get a huge salary.

French Winger joined West Bank on February 2, 2009 in Pierre Rayalu. But after a few games, instead of placing the bench, the bench became the main task. And it was not impossible to go to bed to make the bench warm. But this happiness is not extended. Six months later he had to leave Real.

But in the beginning, Rauail did not deteriorate Phobert. Madrid and Madrid will long remember their performance in the AWA against Athletic Club and Viariala. However, during the match against the Yellow Submarine, the case of his sleep on the bench made him the headline of the newspaper. Laughter is laughter. Widespread agitation is widening through social networking.

What happened in the field, what happened at the weekend, but the bigger meaning was in the pocket. What is 28,000 euros or about 27 lakhs.

Six months Roberts returned to Westham, Phobert. But he could not stand there. Actually, Westham could not last forever. His last address, Elajisser, Bordeaux, Kilmarnock and Inter-Turco, is now in the Indonesian Borneo club.

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