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& # 39; mature & # 39; is the self-confidence of the sport subject

Sadman Islam Anik The Left Handler, who played the 2014 World Youth Cup, did not take much notice of the age of cricket. However, in recent years, domestic bats cricket series is very little overwhelming. In case the selectors allowed him to be in the HP team "A". Choices were used for Test Cricket. First-rate cricket was always of the utmost importance for Saadman.

The choices did not try. The 23-year-old batsman was also the leader of the latest national cricket league race. Sadman won 648 lines in six games, two centuries and three half a century averaging 64.80. In the preparatory match against West India in Chittagong, he won 73 runners in team management examinations. The young batsman, who called 14th Bangladeshi's first test team against West India,

In the first lap, in 42 meetings, the test team got the chance. Where did 3,232 tracks average from 46.50 to seven hundred. According to him, he came to the national team as mature. The bender is very important. And the first-class cricket experience gives Sartman confidence.

After training her yesterday, he said, at the time when the national team arrived. Sadman said, "I've played in the first class of cricket for a long time, almost four or five years ago I'm doing such a performance, maybe it's okay." When the bat goes to the national team, it's better to become a bit mature. I'm just a bit mature, and the game is playing a bit better, but the bettors feel a bit better and that's why I have a chance. "

As a bat, the team is very urgent, Sadman feels. He has experience in solving different situations. Yesterday, he said: "It became very important to become a reality." After playing in the first class of cricket, international cricket could think about playing with everyone, and I think there is a big difference between first-class cricket and national team, but since I played a lot of matches, How to make changes right. If I know that, then I think there is a chance to do something better at the international level.

He was filled with dreams of coming to the national team. This young man believed in him, if you did then he would have the opportunity to come. Sadman said yesterday: "Everyone has a dream for the national team, as I played in the first class cricket after the World Cup, starting with the Dhaka Premier League we play here, which was the goal I would play wherever I played. day. If I do, I will certainly have the opportunity. "

Ikbal Iqbal as the Left Bat is Ideal Sadman. He has always been a long time training for the Test. After seeing 73 in the heat, coach Steve Rhodes told him to work with the defensive. The left arm of the bat that wants to improve its game plug according to the suggestion of the coach.

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