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& # 39; They do not want to do anything with viewers & # 39;

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The news of Shakib Khan, the best movie hero of Dhaka, means something new. She loves giving new shocks. The director who made the place in the hearts of millions of viewers this year presented numerous pictures to viewers this year. He also got interest in Kolkata's film work. Specifically, his actress & # 39; I will be leader & # 39 ;, Captain Khan & # 39 ;, Superhero & # 39 ;, Bhajan Alo Ray & # 39 ;, pictures enjoyed audience . The next year will end in one month. So, in the new year, Shakib announced the start of a new film. He said yesterday, no more news this year. This year he has given many news to the audience. You want to give the best news in the new year. But the story is not yet spoken, but the actor has pointed to the actor In the new year, Shakib produces new images. Discussion about who will be in front of her in the movie. Shakib Khan said this film would be run by popular and gifted creator Kazi Hayat. The movie will start in the new year. In it, a heroine will work against me. The heroine question, she said, is not yet final. The director he thinks is better. I do not have any requests for that. However, the name of Jay Ahsan and Bublius is heard as a Shakibina heroine in this movie. Meanwhile, after the last Eid-ul-Fitr, Shakib Khan recorded the movie Naulak & # 39; After finishing the job, she worked in a movie called Shahen Shah. Shamim Ahmed Rani leads this movie. Shakib said, in my movie Nusrat Faria, as well as my star along with the new face of Rosela Paradise works. Nusrat Faria works as a heroine in front of Shakira in Shanpara Media's "Shahhen Shah" inscription. To that, Shakib said very good actress Fari. He has already worked on several films opposite the popular feature of Jeet Oprah Bangara. The visitors liked his work. And our new picture is great. It will be a good project. Shahin Suman's movie "Little love needs" & # 39; It is also released from this photo. Shabnam Bubli played opposite him in this movie. Last seen in the movie & # 39; Nakab & # 39; Shakib Kana, the audience watched the movie. With the act, this movie will be produced at the beginning of the new year, entitled & # 39; Bir & # 39 ;. It is known that viewers can find another Shakib in this movie. In that context, he said, I heard the whole story about this picture. I did not make such a nice story before, at least I can say that. Qazi Hayat Bhai is a credible creator. I agree to make a movie with everything. MD Iqbal will copy this photo. Meanwhile, several photographs from Calcutta were called by Shakib Khan. He will soon go to Calcut for the final meeting of these pictures, he said. In that context, more work is taking place. Within a few days, all work will go to Kolkata. There are some good pictures you want to introduce visitors to the new year. If it's all over, I'll tell the audience about these pictures. I do not want to do anything with the slayer of the viewer.

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