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9 crore from behind for trade 17, arrested MA Kader

Dhaka: According to the National Revenue Committee (NBR), the Customs and Investigation Board, filed a lawsuit against three Crescent Group companies for money laundering on behalf of exports of goods worth 919 crude 56 lakh overseas. 17 persons were indicted, including products Crescent Leather, Crescent Tanneries and Rimex Footwear Limited, and four bank officials Janata Bank and currently 13 police officers. Meanwhile, the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Administration arrested the president of Crescent Leather and Crescent Tannery, MA Quader.

At the conference hall of the NBR conference on Wednesday (January 30th), the chairman of the board, Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, told this information.

He said that the Crescent skin has 422 crore 46 lakhs, Remix Footwear 481 crore 26 lakh and Crescent Tanneries 15 crore 84 lakhs overseas in three Crescent Group organizations. On Wednesday, police station Chawkbazar raised various cases of money laundering charges. In this case, 17 people participated in money laundering, including Crescent Leather and Tanneries, and President of Remakes Footwear and MD. Meanwhile, MA Kader, president of Crescent Leather and Crescent Tanneries, was arrested. On Thursday (January 31st), the court will be asked to release the court. The other accused in this case will also be arrested.

The president of NBR told police forces that the president of the Rwanda Footwear (Commander of Jazz Multimedia), Abdul Aziz, Ph.D.

At the NBR Conference Hall, President of the Steering Board of the Press Conference of Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan. Photo: banglanewsHe said that 13 people, including General Director of DGM and GM FTD (export) of the Janata Bank and the Bank's headquarters and 13 divisions offices, the accused in connection with the moon-time liquidity incident.

They are – GM's Janata Bank. Rezaul Karim, former GM Mohammad Zakir Hossain (now DMD of Sonali Bank) and Fakhrul Alam (DMD, Bangladesh Agricultural Bank), DGM Kazi Rice Uddin Ahmed, AKM Asaduzzaman and Md. Iqbal, AGM Ataur Rahman Vlada, Senior Chief Officer. Khairul Amin and Md. Maghreb Ali, Chief Officer Mohammad Ruhul Amin, Senior Officer. Abdullah Al Mamun, MD. Moniruzzaman and Md. Saidujjahana. After the census, Ataur Rahman was suspended from the government.

The president of NBR said there are more than a dozen companies listed, and action will be taken shortly after all evidence on the bank, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and law enforcement agencies.

Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan stated that money like money was poisoned, except for the country, why money traded even after the country has the ability to export and export? In fact, those who trade with money can not enjoy it. We already heard that the money was kept in the Swiss bank. But they also heard they did not return the money. But many people are robbing the bank money.

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