Friday , September 20 2019
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A birthday documentary about Haidi

Today is one of the most popular folk songs of country music, the birthday of the living legend of singer Syeda Abdul Hadya. Especially this artist comes to the audience on a special day. Legendary documentary Syed Abdul Hadi & # 39; was released on the occasion of the birth of this song on the birthday of Banglaodol. After listening to the songs of his father's gramophone board, Syed Abdul Hadi became a very fan of music from teenage life. The song immediately learned in the manual, Bangla Dhol has released four 46-song CDs from the songs he sang. Documentaries come from the same production house. The 34-minute documentary was seen in BanglaFlix, RobiCrini, Airtel screen and phone applications. Yesterday is open to everyone on the YouTube channel of Banglaodol channel. Sadat Hossain produced a documentary entitled "Legend Syed Abdul Hadi". His legendary artist, his thoughts on music, numerous views of the country's songs and many unknown information highlighted.

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