Monday , May 17 2021

Alauddin Ali came home

(Priyakama) After 77 days of treatment at Universal Medical College in Mohakhali, a veteran singer, composer, music director Alauddin Ali received approval Monday morning. But the incident is that he can not return home even after obtaining approval.

To take physiotherapy, Alauddin will be in CRP for several days at Mirpur. Then he can come home.

The press conference was organized this morning at the University Clinical Hospital to inform about the return of this artist. The hospital director said various aspects of his treatment. Ashish Kumar Chakraborty

He said Alauddin Ali suffers from lung inflammation and blood infection. Now these problems no longer exist.

Alauddin Ali was ill at home on January 22 last night. He was later taken to Mohakhali at Universal Medical College. After some inspection, he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Since then his physical condition has deteriorated. Since then she has been admitted to this hospital. The physical condition was not stable.

Meanwhile, on February 3rd, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasin stood by her to carry out the treatment of Alauddin Ali. In addition to taking on responsibility for treatment, the prime minister issued a TK 25 rescue certificate as financial aid to help his family.

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