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Alia spent 13 crores to be a neighbor boy!

Bollywood actress Alia Bhat Photo: Collected

Alia, who bought an apartment in Juhuyu, was next to people of choice. Ali's new apartment, purchased at a high price, is located near Ranbirov's house. Mahesh Bhatt's daughter Alia, who bought her while she was near a boyfriend, bought her.

Two days ago, it was heard that the crack caught the love of Ali Bhatt and Ranbira Kapoura. It is also heard that Ranbir does not want to link his relationship with marriage. But after getting all the noise, at the price of Ranbirov's house, his new apartment was purchased at a price. He spent almost twice as much money as the current market price. According to news from various media, the current market price of 2300 square feet is about 7.78 million behind. But the bollywood heroine has spent 13 crores behind buying it.

Ali's close source reveals that the apartment has always been bought as neighbor Ranbira Kapoara. And that heroine spent so much money to make it available. Its price is nothing.

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Concerns about falling in love with neighbors, despite high neighborly values ​​They say the melody of their relationship is now heard in the air. In addition, there is a lack of respect for Ranbirov's lover. Still, the actress wants to stay as close to Ranbir.

This is Ali's third apartment in Juhu. Right now, Alia is in the apartment with her sister Shaheen. A renowned interior designer, Rich Bahl Aliyar, is responsible for interior decoration of this apartment.

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