Saturday , May 15 2021

Ananta invited visitors to watch the recording

Hero and producer Ananta Jalil are currently busy recording a movie entitled 'Day of Day'. A protagonist's claim to filming a Hollywood movie in a movie. Seeing the movie recording, the experience of watching the Hollywood movie recording experience will be available.

So Ananta Jalil invited the audience to see the day's photography. Anant Jalil, who will record several action scenes on 'Day of Day' & # 39; in the area of ​​the capital, Scottish village Duminy, Khilkheta (300 meters from Basundhare in Bashundhari) on April 9th. Here he invited fans to shoot.

Ananth Jalil said that a few days ago a Hollywood movie was taken in the capital. The action scene of the film was held in several important areas of Dhaka, including the Buriganga Bridge. Recording is so confident that very few people have seen it. As a result, there were not many opportunities to watch Hollywood movies. So the hero called for him to offer a holistic film experience.

Anant Jalil said, "Already filmed parts of our film were very risky in remote areas of Iranian and Afghan border areas, you know I was hurt when I shot." We are now filming a movie in the country to be healthy, with 18 world technicians and crew members from Iran resides in Bangladesh.

Filming is now being done in Dhaka with a wide array of terrible effects and horrendous actions and real effects of the Explosion. Recent recording of the "Real Car Expedition" scene near the industrial park in Hemayetpur. On April 9, 19:00 in the Scottish Village area, I will record several action scenes of the 'Day of the Day' movie. I'll invite you to see Anand Jalil in order to see what will be the key arrangement in this action scene; I strongly believe that you will experience watching movies in Hollywood by recording my movie.

Ananta Jalil plays in the movie & quot; Dan-day & # 39; joint productions of Bangladesh and Iran. She is also a filmmaker in Bangladesh. Iran is a part of the original advisor and film advisor. Mumt al Rashid

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