Monday , May 17 2021

Ananta Jalil's half pound cash driver! …- 756046 | Kaler Kantho

The actor and film producer Ananta Jalil lost huge money. On Sunday morning the driver of his AJ group Md Shahid Mia disappeared from Tk 57 lakhs. The case was filed with the Savar police station, said Assadul Islam, head of organization Anad Jalal. Ananta on Facebook wants to cooperate with fans on Facebook

Ananth Jalil wrote on his own Verify Facebook page: "Today, I'm looking for a hand to help my fans. Everyone knows that since 1996 JJ Group has been doing the good will of Hanumetpur in Savar. Today, one of my factory drivers, Md Shahid Miah, escaped money without paying gas Tk 53 lakh factory.

Driver Mohammad Shahid Mia Photo: Facebook

– He was an accountant at Md. Zaheer. Zaheer went to pay the VAT at Sonali Bank and was asked to pay close attention to the driver with money in the car. After leaving the Sonali bank, Zahir realized that opportunity and ran away with the car. I've shared all his information. The case was filed with the Already Police Station. I can reward this villain, I will award it to Anand Jalil Contact only with the news

Anant m under the pillar Mir (01711739541) and Mr. Asad (01676559756) added a cell phone number of two policemen.

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