Sunday , April 11 2021

‘Argentina-Brazil match means something special’

In the context of Bangladesh, football means Brazil-Argentina. And if these two teams face each other, then it doesn’t make sense! There is a lot of excitement and excitement. Not only Bangladesh, but the struggle of the two Latin American countries has added a different dimension and the whole football world is waiting for this greatness. What if you were asked to add adjectives to this match? The adjective of the Brazilian coach Titus is probably the most appropriate. The Brazilian coach said that, at least for him, the size of the match was more than the qualification for the World Cup.
Historically, Brazil and Argentina have always been rivals. Therefore, this match is not a qualification for Titus. In a recent interview with FIFA, he said: “The battles of Brazil-Argentina or Brazil-Uruguay have played a different role in history. Moreover, Argentina has several great players. And so, even though it is a World Cup qualifier, in my eyes the Brazil-Argentina match is another competition in itself.
The importance of the match is not less in the preliminary round either. Both teams played four games in the qualifying round. Brazil beat them all, while Argentina drew one match. Brazil is at the top of the qualifiers for the World Cup in Conmebol with 12 points. Argentina, which is among the top two with 10 points, plays on March 31st. Before that, however, Lionel Messi’s team will play against Uruguay. And Brazil will face Colombia. If both teams win both games, the Brazil-Argentina duo could become a battle to reach the top.
However, the coach said that two important matches are important if you keep in mind the qualifying round calculations. “The qualifiers are very balanced, so no game is less important,” he said. In the last qualifying round, we played two games against Colombia, and both were strategically our best two games. Both teams tried to attack, creating opportunities, making it difficult for the opponent. Two teams fought very close in both games, two games were very difficult for us.
Neymar’s biggest star is now off the field due to injury. However, he has a great opportunity to return to the field before the game in Argentina. Coach Tito also praised the Brazilian striker. He said, ‘Neymar has become a lot. Earlier, while he was in Barcelona, ​​he ran on the wings, scored goals, had speed and dribbling, showed personal skill. But now it has expanded its boundaries. Now that he plays, he can play with others even after he is a shooter. Now he is very similar to a bow and arrow, he can play, he can build a game. He has enriched his arsenal in the last few years.

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