Sunday , May 9 2021

Awaken the speaker on Facebook to be malicious

Police have arrested the alleged Maulan Habibur Rahman Rezu for his alleged attachment to the Prophet.

Photo: Jugantar

Police Station Katiadi Model arrested a man named Mannah Habibur Rahman Rezvi (50) during a mass allegation of evil against the prophet.

Prophet Muhammad was not a Muslim. "When a video about such a frightened person became a virus on Facebook, a massive rise was created.

Habibur Rahman Rezvi was the son of the late Rabiullah from Beither Goatala village under the municipality of Katiadi.

The locals said Wajed's video about the Prophet (S) was not Muslim, when Viral was on Facebook, Habibur Rahman Rezbeer was publicly on Sunday in the Katiadi market.

During the massacre, the police arrested him and took him to the police station.

Police Officer Katiadi Model (OC) police Shafiqul Islam said that Habibur Rahman was arrested. He'll send him to court.

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