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Bangladesh girls collapsed the Philippines for 10 goals

Bangladesh collapsed the Philippines 0-10 in the second round of the AFC U-16 Women's Qualifying Championships. Every Bangladeshi attack raises the defenders of the Philippines. At the beginning of the flight they went one step ahead of the main event. Toura Khatun passes four goals including a hat-trick in Bangladesh In addition, Anuching Mogini scored two goals. One goal scored by Maria Manda, Shamsunnahar Junior and Shamsunnahar Sr. The second goal is suicide. The top two teams in the group & # 39; B & # 39; play at the main event in Thailand in September.

In the first half, a ball sent six times in the Philippines scored four goals after a break. Bangladesh started the match for two minutes. Shamsunnahar's high shot by the ball added a ball to the khatun Filed under attack by Filipinos holding down the team down. Bangladesh scored another goal in 17 minutes. The deliveryman could not handle the ball while Maria Mandara had to move. The shirt goes to the net. After a minute, he celebrates the goal again. Golem Shamasunnahar junior jumped as he flown from the corner of Maria Mandar. Tahura Khatun finished his snappy hand at 24 minutes. His cross-cross head over Filipino woods. Bangladesh has to wait 12 minutes to get the fifth goal. Fourth goal scored by Thuura Khatun in 37 minutes. In the box he scored a shot at the crossing of the Shamsunnahara. Four minutes later, one of the Filipino players fired a defender in Bangladesh. Play flute judges. Shamsunnahar's older was not mistaken in the 42th minute to score a goal.

After the break of Bangladesh's girlfriend, they only played with the impression. The Philippines was booked 46 minutes into the game. Vilasin sent the ball to his net or put the ball in the net. After seven goals, addicts of red rose hit the goal of the goal. Philippine goalkeeper is wrong for an attack on Bangladesh Applying his chance, Anuqing Mogoni In 58th minute of the game, Filipino goalkeeper Margriti Thane went to Anu Singh. The attacker did not make a mistake and scored a goal in the cold. In 86 minutes, his second and tenth goal of Bangladesh was also Anuving. This time he got the Filipino goalkeeper's mistakes. With 64 minutes played, Marije Mandare was great ate. With 35 meters further, the goal brought by captain from Bangladesh came into the net over the head of the Philippine goalkeeper.

Bangladesh will face Myanmar in the second game tomorrow.

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