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Bell does not want to see Rial, Zidane

Real Madrid defeated Bayern Munich in the Preliminary Preliminary Match 3: 1 Recently joined Eden Hazard in the match Gareth Bale sat on the bench as usual. The Velasque star probably will not be able to play in Real Madrid. When coach Zinedine Zidane himself said, "The Bells have been forgiven. I hope they will soon leave the reality. "Former club Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and German giant Bayern are heard as Bell's potential destination. If there is no club in Europe then it can go to China.

Two days ago, Zidane said, a positive thing about Bell's case. But after the match against Bayer in the United States, Zidane said, "That is the decision for every good.

Talking about Bell's move I'm not against her. But there is time for everything. That was done within that time. "Meanwhile, Bell's agent Jonathan Burnett complained," Zidane did not pay tribute to Bell. But how much he did for Real.

In Real Madrid in 2013, for 100 million euros (record change), Tottenham Hotspur has brought Bell for Real. Belle, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzam will grow up with & # 39; BBC & # 39; Real Madrid starred Together they won 4 Champions League, 3 UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup and one La Liga and Copa del Rey trophy. Last season Ronaldo scored a goal in Juventus It was thought that Bell would become a Real Stars star. But a 30-year-old winger could not play much better. At the end of the season, Zidane Zidane becomes second term coach and loses her seat at Bell XI. Bell scored 78 goals in 155 games in Real in Zaris.

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