Benzema shoots Victoria on two goals Real –

Victory of Karima Benzema in the G league championship in the Champions League on Wednesday evening won 5-0 victory over Real Madrid's Victoria Plzeň. Champions of Champions in the first part of their tournament, Santiago Bernabeu, won 2-1.

After the departure of Hulane Lopez, after the temporary coach of Solaris, Copa del Rey and La Liga won Real.

The real chance of 20 minutes will continue. Benzeema's Tony Crus was shown a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking an opponent's quick knock almost the right.

Two minutes later, Casemero doubled the gap at the head of the German medieval Crusher.

After pulling out of a small corner in the 37th minute, Gareth Bale saved the net for the Frenchman Benzema Hade from head to head after head to head Lucas Vasequez.

Three minutes later, the gap spread between the giant slalom ahead of Bell Valley to far away after being hit by Benzema head Donati Saviose's cut.

In the 67th minute, Crus scored 5-0 to score 5-0 in the class with a fine chip on goal. In the incident, midfielder German German midfielder sent a message sending the ball from the middle of the ball to the middle of the legendary Vinceius junior.

Real with 9 points from three matches in four games. CSKA twice returned to a 2-1 win over Real Madrid in the field. Still, Italy faced another spot on the face of the match.

The Russian national team CSK Moscow is in third place with 4 points and it is confirmed that Plzen will be eliminated from the aggregate stage with 1 point.

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