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BPL glory has no new pictures

Cinematographers are hoping for a new movie every week. But the new age of film in Dhaka began to be lifeless. January is the end of the movie, there are no movies in the movie. On the back slightly backwards, on January 4, it was seen that Dhake's movie began with imported pictures.

Movie & # 39; Bisrjan & # 39; directed by Kaushik Gangulya from Calcutta who starred Jaya Ahsan on the first Friday of the year. The movie released the same day was & # 39; I Am Raj & # 39 ;. And the question is about the value of the movie. The movie, which was released only a few times, could not answer.

The new image will be released on Friday, but it was revealed that this week was not released in any new movie. The BPL started in early January. That's why people in the movie feel that the movie is not released.

In this regard, Iftekhar Uddin Nowshad, a member of the censorship management and retailer Madhumita Cinema Hall, said: "No photo will be published tomorrow on Friday." But on Feb. 8, two photos will be published, one of which is 'Dag Hare', and the other 'My Love is My Love'.

Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, director of the Association, said: "In the absence of the film, the film has not been released for so long, even after the movie, fewer films have been released, and I know there are many good pictures waiting for us.

If the picture is released at this time financially, manufacturers will probably be affected. I think the producers did not publish the pictures in their minds. I hope that soon this problem will be solved.

It is evident that the number of films in the last three years has consistently decreased. A total of 67 films were released in 2015. Then the number of released films in the period 2016 – 2017. He was 56. In 2018 there were 48 films in the country. If this resume continues, this year, more photos will be published. Image viewing was released in the coming months!


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