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Brazilian daughter Comilla in love country

Brazilian daughter Comilla

Recently many young people came from Bangladesh from different countries in love of tension. The same incident happened this time in Comilli. The 25-year-old Juliana, who fled from Brazil with her love affair, escaped from Lukamam's lover Hiro of Comille. The love affair sparked many people in the area, who became viral in social media on Facebook.

According to Family Resources, Abdur Rob Hiru, younger son Abdul Khale from Dokhaia village under the Gobindapuro community of Laksham, died from Sylhet Madan Mohan College at Sylhet College of Political Science last year. Many years ago, Hiru returned to the country.

Hiru said that on July 6, 2012, two people saw at the English Language Learning Center after retirement at Bahrain's workplace. Later on Facebook such as Julian ID. Juliana liked me too. In this way, the momentum starts to accelerate. At one stage of the massage, they spoke almost every day. From this, the relationship between love and love between two people began to grow deeper.

He also said, in that sense, Juliana decided to come to Bangladesh after having talked to Father Marcosse Jianing. I also decided to go to Julian with a mentor. They came to Bangladesh on October 31st.

Juliana with a boyfriend of Juliaan and her family members in Rikshaya. Photo: Ittefaq

Hiro, after receiving the Kakrail Kazi's parents in Dhaka Airport, Dinmohar married 5 million rupees and got up in the rented house at Mirpur-2, and then came to the village with Julian and her father. Pray for all, and by God's will, we are happy. Juliana taught some Bengali All our families and relatives are very happy about this relationship.

Meanwhile, a Brazilian girl who came to Bangladesh to bring love and marriage to the neighboring village, people from different age groups, including men and men, gather in Abdur Rob Hiru's home. Local rickshaw puller rickshaw youthfuls and move around the surrounding area with rural road. After Julie's father Rickshaw, she was delighted with daughters and jaimai.

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