Thursday , October 24 2019
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Busy are busy

Malaika Arora is currently busy with more pictures. In these special movies she will be seen in a special role. But more than a picture, he is currently talking to actor Arjun Kapoor. She is also known to be married soon. But the recent news has already been published before that. And that will be the best thing in Malaiki-Arjuni. There is evidence for that. Arjuna has been home for a few days in the Malaysian home. At any place, two people leave from Mumbai's home. Even Arjuna's photographs were recently published in Maliki's house. Malaika said that Malaika wanted to spend time with Arjuna. That's why they've been together for the last few days. And their love is now an open secret. She will sit very quickly on the wedding stick. Before that someone wants to give more time to each other. Meanwhile, news of survivors from Malaika and Arjuna are, however, silent about it. No answers yet.

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