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Can Xiaomi be able to retire Samsung Galaxy M10? Read reviews

A lot of love for Indian buyers over Samsunga. The South Korean company has long been getting the smartphone subscriber's minds in the country, although the smart phone market has recently started to expand. Samsung's exclusive domination in the smart phone market in India last year. A year ago Xiaomi lost the number one smart phone in this country. The Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20 have recently been launched to return to the Indian market. Samsung Galaxy M10 can be found in these two phones under 10 thousand. Samsung will return to Indian customers using a small dance, a powerful processor and a larger battery? We've looked at the Samsung Galaxy M10 for that purpose.


The main attraction of the Samsung Galaxy M10 phone is this phone display. At the top of the screen there is a small dance dance. OnePlus 6T and Oppo F9 Pro were the first such screens on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy M10 The back of the phone is made of plastic. Curves and edges are in the corner. The Speaker of the Speaker is behind the phone. Placing a double camera at the top left behind the phone. The light blue color we gave the phone was easy to follow. In the Samsung Galaxy M10 External SIM card, you can use two SIM cards and a micro SD card together.

Samsung Galaxy M10 review back Samsung Galaxy M10


The Samsung Galaxy M10 will have a 6.2-inch HD + display. The phone will have a 14 nanometer Octoire chipset Exynos 7870. With 2GB / 3GB of RAM

Dual cameras are set up in the Galaxy M10 photo camera phone. The primary sensor of this camera is 13MP. S 5MP Thrombosis Sensor. In front of the phone is a 5MP selfie camera.

The Android 8.1 Oreo operating system will be launched on this phone. The Galaxy M10 uses a 3.400 mAh battery inside the phone. USB Type-C connectivity

Samsung Galaxy M10

The Samsung Experience 9.5 user interface will run on the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system on the Samsung Galaxy M10. This phone software will work alike as any other Samsung phone. Although there has been an improvement in company software since before, there is still a lot of unnecessary software with all Samsung phones.

Performance and battery life

The Samsung Galaxy M10 is the oldest processor used in the phone. So the performance of this phone is very easy to see. Slow Galaxy M10 Unlock Your Phone This phone becomes slower during multi-tasking. Especially when you go from one app to another app

We encountered a problem. Also, it seems to us that Touch Response on the Settings app is good enough.

AnTuTu Benchmark Test has 64,371 lbs for the Samsung Galaxy M10. Geekbench achieved only 728 in singles and 3,674 in Multicore. These types of results are available in phones launched in 2016.

On the Samsung Galaxy M10, a small image was taken on the 4G network, watching videos on Netflix, the battery was available all day while playing a small game. This smartphone is up to the next day at the same expense. But it took more time than the phone was charged.

Samsung Galaxy M10 Review Rear Camera 2 Samsung Galaxy M10


Galaxy M10 two-camera phone set up. The primary sensor of this camera is 13 megapixels. With a 5 megapixel secondary camera, a wide-angle photograph will be recorded. In front of the phone is a 5MP selfie camera. It is possible to record full HD movies with the front camera.

Just like the Galaxy M10 performance, the phone camera disappointed us. There is a weakness in the movie on the back of the camera. Photos taken with a lesser-looking Galaxy M10 camera.

This wide-angle lens of the camera is ideal for landscape photography. The Galaxy M10 camera makes the perfect picture in low light. Also, there are good enough images at this price when you take the macro. But the problem is that photographing things far away. The Galaxy M10 will be visible in the picture of things captured by the camera's camera, and the slot will be visible.

Touch a photo to see the full picture of the Samsung Galaxy M10 camera


At this time, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the cheapest Samsung phone at Rs 7.990. There are a few big ones on this phone. Although a new design was added, this phone disappointed us. The Galaxy M10 has a spare battery and a mid-range camera. Before buying the Galaxy M10, you can take Realme C1 and Xiaomi Redmi 6 phones near the cost. However, if we buy the Samsung Galaxy M10, we will have a 3GB RAM / 32GB purchase repository.

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